What Type Scanner can check out quickly On supermarket?

- Jul 11, 2019-

   For Big supermarkets and shopping malls, customers are definitely a lot more when they encounter holidays, and they will definitely have long queues when paying. In order to improve the speed of checkout, we must be patient and careful in choosing the the suitable scanner. Choosing a good scanner can improve the working efficiency.


   Our scanning platform BS-723M is a 1D/2D Omnidirectional barcode scanner, has super speed 3900 time/s, improve the working efficiency , also has capable of quickly and accurately scanning all types of paper 1D and 2D barcodes. In addition, it can also scan mobile phone, ipad and other electronic screen codes, which is one of the popular mobile payment products.

 Handfree barcode Scanner

   The scanner also adds Led fill light to the scan head. Even in some darker scenes or carriers with too complicated barcode carriers, it can quickly find the location of the barcode and enhance the recognition rate.

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