What the different for Thermal printer & Thermal Transfer Printer

- May 25, 2020-

Pos Thermal Printer:

1.Printing via heat the thermal head, only use thermal paper, usually it has 58mm & 80mm model. 

2.The advantage is Cheap cost, high speed (260mm/s or 300mm/s) The disadvantage: the paper only can be saved for around half a year.

Thermal printer 1

Thermal printer 2

Thermal Transfer Printer

1. Printing via printer head hit the ribbon, usually it has 9-pin or 16-pin-24 pin printer head, support 1 color & 2 color printing.


2. The advatange is the paper can be save for a long time; the disadvantage is cost high.

Thermal Transfer Printer 1

Thermal Transfer Printer2
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