What the development trend for Minicomputer

- Nov 12, 2019-

What the development trend for Minicomputer

With the rapid development of the Internet, TV is no longer just a tool for watching TV programs. By connecting a dedicated computer such as HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer), the TV has more functional attributes of human-computer interaction. Nowadays, the living room TVs of many families have become the display screens for leisure activities after family meals. A young and old can interact with games, watch movies and even sing karaoke through TV.

With the previous TV box being strictly "blocked" by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the concept of "mini-computer" getting warmer this year, more and more users are now using the mini-computer as the second and even the third computer. The host, as a dedicated Internet entertainment terminal device that matches the living room TV. Compared to traditional desktop consoles, the mini-computer can be seen as an evolution of the previous HTPC, which is not only more integrated, but also more computationally efficient, while also having a more compact form factor.

If the TV box sold in the market is compared with the mini computer, the former has obvious defects. Because the system is not open, the function is relatively simple, and the entertainment function outside the video on demand is difficult. For example, the ASUS product that took the lead in the mini-computer field has greatly improved the TV box. As the name suggests, it is also a box-like mini body, but the ASUS mini computer has the "computer" attribute. The completely open Windows operating system, all kinds of software and games, all customized according to the user's personal preferences.

Not surprisingly, the mini PC market will grow rapidly in the future. The rapid development of tablets and smartphones and even smart TVs will further reduce people's dependence on traditional PC products. The cheap and small HD PC is just enough to satisfy the average consumer. The use of the budget, the empty budget can be used to buy a larger display or other peripheral accessories, if you want to maximize the cost of installation, the TV screen is also a good display, and the mini PC in the living room also Very fit for its temperament.

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