What the common problem for the POS

- Jan 28, 2020-

What are the common problems with Point Of Sale Systems? How to solve it? The following details, everyone can learn about it.

First, Pos machine black screen:

1. Pos power on,but not display? Please check whether the power is on; when the power is turned on, the motherboard responds, but the display is not displayed. Check if the monitor signal line is plugged in when the power indicator is on.

2. Is there a beep when turn it on? Poor memory contact.

3. when the boot is in English on a black screen but can not enter the operating system? There are the following reasons: Check hard drive, COMS is set well or not.


Second, pos customer display no display:

1.customer display no display? Please check the power cord is connected.

2. customer display donot receive a signal? Check if the signal line is connected well, and check the software Setting whether to match the options.


Third, Barcode scanner no scan

1. The scanner can scan but no data received? The computer beeps after the scan, it shoudl be the scan line has failed.

2. After the scanner scans, there is no carriage return? Please scan "Enter" in the manual

Bar code

3.A little light, the light is very weak, scaners sometime make a sound, the light is not extinguished, it should be the light head problem.


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