What the Advantages of touch screen ordering machine

- Jan 09, 2020-

The four features of the touch screen ordering machine are as follows.

1. Convenience of touch screen ordering machine

The use of touch-screen ordering machines makes customers more casual, convenient and comfortable, and also allows service personnel to focus more on serving customers; employees of all departments immediately get data through the computer network to make an immediate response; business management personnel check the operation situation at any time, in a timely manner Make decisions.

2. The simplicity of a touch-screen ordering machine

The touch screen ordering machine is full of pictures and text, the interface is image-friendly, and the management system is reportable. Users can customize various report formats, such as recipes, consumption orders, bills, kitchen production orders, and various statistical analysis reports.

3. Expandability of touch screen ordering machine

The touch screen ordering machine is connected to the restaurant's local area network. It can be connected to multiple touch screens on the local area network. The expansion method is flexible and diverse. It can be compatible and used with the handheld computer ordering system. The scale can be large or small.

4. Touchscreen ordering machine security

The dual data storage mode of the touch screen a la carte system effectively prevents mistakes, omissions and cheating events. Each workstation has a registered work ID and permission password, and cannot perform operations higher than its own permissions, thereby ensuring the confidentiality and security of the data; system data can be flexibly backed up and restored to prevent the loss of information caused by unexpected situations and ensure the system's Normal operation; a log tracking mechanism is set up in the system, and sensitive operations involving information and expense security are well documented.

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