What should be done once the thermal printer do not output paper

- Feb 02, 2020-

Thermal rinter does output

1. The printer suddenly does not output paper on work. First, check whether there is thermal paper in the printer. 

2, if it has thermal paper, press the button to print and observe what will appear on the supermarket cash register's screen. If nothing, it may be a problem with the printer or the cash register circuit link;

3. Check whether there is a paper jam in the printer. If the paper jam occurs, stop working immediately, and then repair the inside of the printer. Be sure to contact the supplier's technical staff in a timely manner, and follow the instructions to solve it. If it is not possible, you can ask the technical staff to come to repair;

4. Check whether the printer connection is normal, and check whether there is a fault inside the printer 

If the above checks are normal, and it seems that it is the last reasons, please contact the technical staff to do the repairment.

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