What scanner is suitable for warehouse storage

- Jul 15, 2019-

The application areas of scanners can be used for supermarkets and cash registers. In fact, more areas are used in manufacturing and warehousing. What kind of scanner is suitable for storage? Consider the barcode type, quality, density, scanning distance and interface type.


(1) The higher the recognition rate, the stronger the performance


(2) The faster the scanning speed, the higher the efficiency;


(3) The higher the resolution of the barcode scanner, the better;


(4) The larger the effective range of the barcode scanner, the wider the scanning range;


(5) The physical length of the bar code information that the scanning scanner can read on the scanning beam at a given scanning distance. The larger the scan width, the more information is read at a time.


Our Model WBS-228 scanner is Ideal for warehouse management, it has the following characteristic:

 wireless 2D barcode scanner

1.Quick reading ability, can scan Fast and accurate of various 1D and 2D codes.

2. Self-inductive scanning is fast and sensitive.

3. Offline scan support, can Stores 5,000 (20 characters/bar) barcode information.

4. High capacity brand lithium battery 900mAh, low power consumption and long standby time has more than 2 weeks.

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