What's the Reason of Blue Screen or Unable to Enter OS

- Jul 30, 2018-


 What’s the Reason of Blue Screen or Unable to Enter OS

    Pos touch screen become blue screen of death or unable to enter the operating system (Windows system), what’s caused by it?


  Fault analysis ideas and possible causes

  1) This type of fault is generally caused by poor quality of the memory chip or software. It can be determined by the substitution method as the cause of the memory.  You can directly replace the memory if it is determined.


  2) This kind of fault , the Pos machine generally use of several different chips of the memory chip, As the   difference in speed of each memory strip to cause a time difference, resulting in a crash, which can be solved by reducing the memory speed in the CMOS settings; Only the same type of memory can be used; there is also a possibility that the memory module is incompatible with the motherboard. Such a phenomenon is generally rare. In addition, it may be caused by a bad connection between the memory module and the motherboard, which is more common.

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