What's the Mobile Pos Terminal

- Dec 12, 2018-


  Mobile pos terminal refers to a portable data processing terminal with the following characteristics: 1. It has data storage and computing capabilities; 2. It can be used for secondary development; 3. It can communicate with other devices; 4. Man-machine interface, specific In terms of display and input functions; 5, wireless network connection. According to the above definition, mobile pos terminals commonly have PDAs, mobile phones, smart phones, bar code data collectors, handheld data terminals, Pda data collectors, and the like.

It is mainly used in many industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, clothing and footwear, food and tobacco.

  The clerk of the enterprise uses the mobile pos terminal to wirelessly transmit data such as import, sale, deposit, retreat, disk, order, transfer, and member management of the store to the management system by scanning (or hand-delivering) the barcode of the product. Query, analysis, statistics and market information feedback functions of various business data.

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