What's the Difference for Data Collector and Bar Code Scanner

- Jan 29, 2019-

  What's the difference for Data collector and Bar code Scanner? It has mainly three points:

Price aspect

 The price of the data collector is slightly more expensive

Barcode scanners are more affordable. From the perspective of ordinary users, it is also expensive. I am making an analogy.


Different performance

 The data collector has memory, the size of the memory can be selected, it can be uploaded online, as well as the processor and system, with developable functions.

  Barcode scanner itself has no content, link computer use, wireless needs charging, can only be used to collect barcode, no data processing function


Different appearance

 Most of the data collectors are wireless, with their own batteries, similar to mobile phones, and data collectors are also known as handheld computers.


 The scanner has both wireless and wired. Use wireless Bluetooth connection in special places, most of them are wired, such as supermarkets.

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