What's the Difference between Omnidirectional Scanner & Handheld Scanner

- Apr 18, 2018-

What’s the Difference between Omnidirectional Barcode scanner & handheld Barcode Scanner


     Barcode scanner , believe everyone know it well. We will see the cashier to scan the bar code via Barcode scanner, when we are shopping in the supermarket. It is one of the essential accessories for pos cash register. There are many types of scanners, omnidirectional barcode scanner and handheld barcode scanners are two common type. What is the difference between these two types?


(a) the appearance of pos scanner


    Omnidirectional barcode scanner can stand on the desktop in parallel, Handheld barcode scanner, as its name implies, is hand holding. Omni scanner are commonly used in large supermarkets, and are designed to free their hands, to speed up the speed and efficiency of cashier. However, handheld barcode scanners are divided into wired and wireless. Wired scanners are required to connect a USB cable to a Pos system, Wireless barcode scanners donot have data lines, usually they will have a base. This base is mainly used to pair with the scanner and receive data.


(b) Scan method

 The scanning method is divided into single-line scan and multi-line scan. The hand-held barcode gun is a single-line scan type, it need to align the bar code of the product, thus it can scan successfully. Moreover, it needs to press the button of scanner, when scan the bar code each time, the user may feel tired after a long time operation. However, Pos Omnidirectional barcode scanner has a multi-line scanning function, only needs to move the bar code closer to the scanning window, the bar code can be read successfully with a flash. The operation is relatively simple and the scanning window is also large.

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