What's The Development trend of Touch All In Ones

- Jul 25, 2018-

What s the development trend Of Touch All In Ones?

Nowadays, with the increasing number of intelligent high-tech electronic products on the market, people are gradually getting used to using smart products to provide them with various services and help, which not only changes people's lifestyle, but also provides people with life. A lot of convenience. As a simple and practical human-computer interaction device, the touch-one machine is now applied to more and more industry fields, the application range is expanding, the application field is increasing, and the application functions are constantly being discovered by users.

The Touch all in one is a computer-integrated computer product integrating industrial control board, Ram & hard disc, display screen and touch screen. It integrates various functions such as computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia and internet, according to the current market. The application situation can be roughly divided into: teaching touch one machine, conference touch one machine, touch inquiry machine, touch advertising machine, touch printing machine, LCD splicing screen and so on.


With the continuous expansion of market demand and the continuous improvement of technological innovation, I believe that in the future, the application needs of touch-one machines will be more and more, then, what is the future development trend of the touch-one machine?


First, the hardware will respond more quickly

Improving efficiency means improving economic efficiency. For enterprises, retailers and every user, experience is an important key to their concern and understanding. The quick response is always required by people and requires faster and better service.


Second, smaller pixel pitch, improve resolution

At present, although the company has launched a 4k LCD screen, most of the market has not yet been popularized. It is expected that in 4 years, 4k technology will enter the market on a large scale and even into the home, to touch the 4k technology LCD touch screen or touch display. Sales will increase to more than 10,000 units.


Third, the device function is more distinct

Enterprises, retail, government, teaching, and home use will have more obvious distinctions, such as conference touch one machine, teaching touch one machine, commercial touch inquiry machine, advertising machine, etc., depending on the nature of the industry, in appearance or internal configuration, software. Make more different considerations.

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