What's industrial PDA?

- Feb 11, 2019-

Industrial PDA is widely used in land, power, forestry, environment, navigation, municipal, marine and other industries, and can customize various specific requirements of the industry application functions. The basic design adopts integrated design, which integrates GPS, Windows system, digital camera, microphone, 3G communication, Bluetooth communication, mass storage, USB/RS232 port, SD card expansion and other functions. Industrial grade three-proof design, especially reinforced structure design can withstand 1.5 meters drop to the cement floor, IP67 dust-proof waterproof standards meet the complex environmental requirements of field operations. At the same time, the ultra-large capacity lithium battery can better meet the working requirements of the whole day.

Professional industrial PDA application software, compatible with the current mainstream industrial PDA software platform, to achieve seamless data docking.

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