What’s character of Pos VFD Display

- Apr 10, 2018-

 Whats character of Pos VFD Display

VACUUM FLUORESCENT DISPLAY is a display device developed from a vacuum tube. It consists of an electron-emitting cathode (direct thermal type, collectively referred to as the filament), a gate that accelerates the flow of electrons, an electrode and fluorescent electrode on a glass substrate. Powder anode and grid and cover. It uses electrons to hit the phosphor to make the phosphor glow. It is a self-luminous display device.

Compared with LED, LCD, VFD pole display can do multi-color display, high brightness, not affected by the surrounding environment, even in the evening, also issued a bright brilliance.

VFD's life time ,can be reach to more than 30,000 hours of continuous working life, that’s so say, it can continue to work for more than a decade. It is almost twice as long as LCD and LED.

VFD fluorescent display, pos customer display are widely used in various types of home appliances, weighing instruments, electronic instrumentation, military and many other fields, because of its high brightness, multi-color, long life, anti-interference, high brightness and other characteristics.

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