What Reason will damage the Capacitive Touch Screen

- Apr 26, 2018-

What Reason will damage the Capacitive Touch Screen

Everyone all know, touch screens include capacitive touch, resistive touch, saw touch, and infrared screens. The capacitive touch screen integrated machine is widely used, but as the use of the touch screen machine continues to increase the length of time, as well as some external factors, resulting in the touch screen machine capacitive screen sometimes appear damaged , What causes the damage of the capacitive screen on the touch screen?


Touch screen Pos machine


The main reasons will damage the capacitive screen of Pos machine are as follows:


1, static electricity.


Capacitive touch screen all-in-ones are generally positioned according to the electric field. Therefore,  electrostatic discharge or very slight static electricity occurs, it will cause drift. In severe cases, the capacitive screen may also be permanently damaged.


2, physical damage.


The physical damage of the capacitive touch screen can be said to be the most direct damage. Because the physical damage can be generally through the impact, vibration to destroy the protective layer of alumina glass, resulting in capacitive screen drift or screen scrapping occurs, resulting in permanent damage to the capacitive screen.


3, other conductive substances.


The so-called other conductive substances actually refer to some conductive substances attached to the screen, such as water vapor, perspiration, etc., which can conduct electricity. If these other conductive substances inadvertently enter the interior of the screen, damage to the capacitive screen and other components may occur, resulting in normal use of the capacitive touch screen all-in-one.


4, the external environment and temperature.


The external environment and temperature also have certain influence on the capacitive touch screen pos machine, because the capacitive touch screen pos machine is stored in a high temperature or low temperature environment, or exposure to sunlight for a long time in the capacitive touch screen integrated machine, will be certain The extent to which it affects the length of its useful life.

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