What performance for CPU fan

- Jul 09, 2019-

The main performance of the fan is reflected in the following aspects: speed, fan blade shape, fan blade

Angle and bearing system. In general, the fan speed is indicated on the heat sink's instructions. Generally speaking, the heat dissipation effect of the heat sink is 30% depending on the speed of the fan. But the fan is not the higher the speed, the better. The correct fan speed should be determined according to the heat generated by the CPU. The fan speed selection of different specifications should be differentiated. The basic principle is: under the premise of generating the same air volume, the fan should be lower the speed, the noise will also be Smaller, generally between 3,500 rpm and 5,200 rpm is more conventional.

The higher the power, the stronger the wind power of the fan and the better the heat dissipation effect. The power of the fan is directly related to the speed of the fan, which means that the higher the fan speed, the stronger the fan. At present, the fans sold in the general computer market are all DC 12V, and the power ranges from 0.X W to 2.X W. Then the power needs to be selected according to the heat generated by your CPU. Special reminder is that you can't emphasize the high power on one side. You only need to match the power of the CPU itself. If the power is too large, not only the cooling effect will not be much enhanced, but it may increase the workload of the computer and eventually shorten. The life of the CPU and fan. Therefore, while selecting the CPU power size, it should be "hot". Also, keep the front opening of the fan clean to avoid blockage.

Better radiator, no burr on the edge, no distortion of the fins, smooth and crack-free bottom, neat appearance, generous shape, quality assurance, anti-counterfeiting marks or other trademarks. In addition, everyone should pay attention to the choice of the radiator, the bottom of the radiator should not be too thick, because the thermal conductivity of aluminum is not very good, too thick will affect the heat transfer; in addition, the guide groove of the surface of the radiator should be dense This ensures that the heat sink can have a large contact area with the air, thereby enhancing the heat dissipation effect. In general, computer enthusiasts will reload the water-cooled fan to the CPU when the economy allows, and achieve the effect of rapid cooling through the circulation of the liquid.

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