What kind of POS hardware does a business need?

- Oct 04, 2019-

What kind of POS hardware does a business need?

The hardwares you need could vary based on the business type. Here we would like to list the most common hardware solutions.

  1. POS terminal

  2. Receipt printer

  3. Barcode scanner

  4. Cash drawer

POS terminal

It could be desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Nowdays the all in one touch screen POS terminal is very popular with easy operation. A computer is built into the monitor chassis for what is referred to as an all-in-one unit, and it would be with built-in thermal printer/MSR/WIFI/Bluetooth/VFD customer display based on the OEM requirement. All in one POS terminal save counter space for the retailer.

Receipt printer

It is important to offer printed receipts to customer. The receipt printer could connect to POS terminal via USB interface or Bluetooth. 

Barcode scanner

Barcode scanner helps retailers to manage, stock and speed us the checkout. You could connect a barcode scanner to POS terminal by USB.

Cash drawer

Some customer pay by cash, and it needs the cash drawer. The cash drawer usually is connect with the receipt printer.

The items we introduce here are the most common used POS hardware. Please kindly note that not every business needs them all. And there are some business may need other hardware like magnetic card reader, programmble keyboard or VFD customer display.

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