What it is WindowsAndroid

- Jun 12, 2019-

WindowsAndroid is a very cool tool developed by Beijing startup SocketeQ, which allows the Android system to run as a native application on a Windows system.

The tool not only allows users to execute Android applications on a Windows computer, but also uses a browser, not to mention all other parts of the system. In other words, this is much more powerful than the Android emulator BlueStacks.

Windows Android is still in the experimental phase, errors and program crashes are inevitable, but it is indeed an ambitious project.

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In fact, Windows Android is not the first simulation software that allows Windows systems to run Android applications. Previous BlueStacks can do similar things, and you can also run Android apps from your computer screen. But Windows Android is characterized by the ability to fully experience the Android 4.0 experience, even without installing any third-party software or hardware, even including the Android stock interface. The Dalvik virtual machine can even run large Android gaming applications with hardware acceleration of computer graphics.

WindowsAndroid only supports Windows Vista and higher and supports the most common screen resolutions. If you happen to have a touch screen Windows 8 tablet, you can even experience the Android 4.0 experience with Windows Android. However, users who do not have a touch device can also operate through the keyboard and mouse.

Currently, Windows Android is still in the development and testing phase, but interested users can download it on the developer's website for the first time. Users who install Windows Android can copy the APK file of the Android program to the \windowsandroid_root\data\app path, and then restart the Windows Android program to load. However, during the testing process, I found that some Android programs will cause Windows Android to crash at startup after loading.

Users can download the latest Android 4.0gApps package from the Google Play Store and place it in the \windowsandroid_root\system folder. However, at present, most of the programs downloaded in the Google Play store indicate that these devices are not compatible under Windows Android, and such programs are not currently installed correctly.

WindowsAndroid is a very smooth program that runs very smoothly on Windows. It loads very fast and responds very quickly to input information, and it feels like this when you only look at the display. Android tablet. Interested users may wish to continue to wait, let your computer also experience the feeling of the Android system.

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