What it is OPS computer

- Nov 07, 2019-

What it is OPS computer

OPS microcomputer is a plug-in computer module that can be plugged and unplugged. It is also a micro-computer, which can be plugged and unplugged to make the overall layout beautiful.

OPS is called: Open Pluggable Specification, open pluggable specification. It is a standardized digital signage interface specification jointly developed by Intel and NEC, Micsoft. The dimensions are 180mm x 119mm x 30mm.

OPS microcomputer features:

① Digital signals that are easier to install, use, and maintain.

② Make digital signage devices smarter and more integrated.

Another thing to note is that the plug-in adapter of the OPS computer uses the JAP 80PIN connector, so the OPS computer is usually equipped with an OPS adapter board.

Open Pluggable Specification, referred to as OPS computer, is an open plug-in computer specification developed by INTEL for use in electronic whiteboards, digital signage, advertising media, and touch-enabled machine industries.

Why is the OPS developed? 

Because traditional computer integrated machines, electronic whiteboards, digital signage and other products are installed on the back of the display with DIY computer accessories or MINI ITX motherboards. The internal wiring of such products is complicated. Loose, it is very easy to cause poor contact or looseness during transportation or use, and once there is a problem, it is necessary to disassemble the entire display for maintenance. If there is no professional to the site, the customer is not convenient to repair and replace. In this case, the customer only packs the entire LCD screen back to the manufacturer or arranges a professional technician to go to the site for processing.

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