What it is Onboard sound card

- Jun 24, 2019-

Because the onboard soft sound card does not have a sound card main processing chip, it will occupy some CPU resources when processing audio data, and will slightly affect system performance when the CPU frequency is not too high. At present, the CPU frequency has already been calculated by GHz, but the amount of audio data processing has not increased much. Compared with the previous CPU, the CPU resource occupancy rate has been greatly reduced, and the impact on system performance is negligible. ignore.

The "sound quality" problem is also a major drawback of the onboard soft sound card. The more prominent one is that the signal to noise ratio is relatively low. In fact, this problem is not caused by the flaw in the audio processing of the onboard soft sound card, mainly because the motherboard manufacturer design board The wiring is unreasonable when the sound card is used, and the materials used for workmanship are too cost-effective.

For the onboard hard sound card, there are basically no above two problems, and its performance can be basically close to and reach the general independent sound card, which can fully meet the needs of ordinary home users.

The biggest advantage of the integrated sound card is the cost performance, and with the continuous improvement of the sound card driver, the design capability of the motherboard manufacturer, and the performance improvement of the onboard sound card chip and the price drop, the onboard sound card is more and more recognized by users.

The disadvantage of the onboard sound card is the advantage of the independent sound card, and the disadvantage of the independent sound card is the advantage of the onboard sound card. Independent sound cards have different grades from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan. From the performance point of view, the integrated sound card does not lose to the low-end independent sound card, and the sound card integrates the sound card. In the low-end market, integrated sound cards are a good choice for users who are looking for price.

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