What it is Multi-touch

- Jun 06, 2019-

At present, there are a variety of touch screens, which can realize multi-touch functions, including infrared matrix, image LCO matrix, infrared waveguide matrix, and induction capacitance matrix touch screen. Now, with the practical application of the iPhone inductive capacitive touch screen, the cost of the inductive capacitive touch screen has gradually declined. The most widely used resistive touch screens have the widest range of research.

Multi-touch is to allow arbitrary selection and operation between multiple fingers, which can greatly enrich the type of operation, while multi-point operation can usually achieve intelligent gesture recognition and provide a more user-friendly user interface. Multi-touch screens have now achieved technological breakthroughs, but the application of these technologies has relatively large limitations. Another important reason is that the corresponding multi-touch functionality is not defined accordingly, and although smart gesture recognition is technically achievable, application specifications limit the application. For example, with five touches, what does the combination of these locations mean? There is no corresponding standard and specification, which leads to the proliferation of technology. There is no place in the actual use to show the advantages of this multi-touch. The most clear definition at the moment must be a one-two-point definition, which is also in line with the practical application of the habit. Some multi-touch functions that use touch screens are still operating on single or two touch screens, so these products have to be said to be wasteful using these technologies. It can be seen that the application of technology depends on the needs and specific applications, and also meets the practical application of everyone.

For the above reasons, the touch screen that cannot achieve multi-touch in the market share is the biggest. As long as it meets the one-point and two-touch capabilities, it will suffice. Resistive touch screens are one of the most widely used touch screens on the market, and research in this area is also the most.

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