What it is Minicomputer

- Nov 12, 2019-

What it is Minicomputer

Small size, more convenient to carry, save space and make it more convenient to go out.

Imagine putting the full power of a traditional desktop computer into a chic, compact box that is just the size of a book. Can be installed completely open Windows operating system, all kinds of software, games, all based on the user's personal preferences for customization.

With Intel's strong promotion of the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) platform concept, the "mini-computers" of various brands in the market have gradually increased. Usually as the second part of the family, or even the third computer host, the mini computer carries the heavy responsibility of the home Internet entertainment terminal. Compared to traditional desktop consoles, the minicomputer can be seen as an evolutionary version of the previous HTPC concept, which is not only more integrated, but also more computationally efficient, while also having a more compact form factor.

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