What is the VFD display, and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared with LED and LCD?

- Jun 12, 2020-

Vacuum fluorescent display (VACUUM FLUORESCENT DISPLAY) is a display device developed from a vacuum tube. It consists of a cathode that emits electrons (direct heating, dao collectively referred to as filament), a grid that accelerates the flow of electrons, and a glass substrate. The anode, grid and glass cover are printed with electrodes and phosphors. It uses electrons to hit the phosphor to make the phosphor glow. It is a self-luminous display device.

Compared with LED and LCD, because it can do multi-color display, the brightness is high, and it is not affected by the surrounding environment. Even at night, it also emits a bright luster.

The service life of VFD is more than 30,000 hours of continuous working life, that is, it can continue to work for more than ten years, which is almost double the life of LCD and LED.

VFD fluorescent display, VFD fluorescent display is widely used in various fields of household appliances, weighing instruments, electronic instruments, military industry, etc. due to its high brightness, multi-color, long life, anti-interference, high brightness and other characteristics.

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