What is the scan depth of the barcode scanner

- Jul 30, 2018-

What is the scan depth of the barcode scanner?


   Scanning depth refers to the difference between the farthest distance that the scan head allows to leave the surface of the barcode and the closest point of the scanner to the surface of the barcode, that is, the effective working range of the barcode scanner, while ensuring reliable reading.


   The depth of the bar code scanner is related to the bar code density that needs to be scanned. For example, a bar code scanner scans a 10 mil density bar code. It can be scanned with the scan head and the farthest distance can be 20 cm from the scanner. Then on the 10 mil bar code. The scan depth of the scanner is 0-20CM.


   There will be detailed depth maps in the manual, but this is scanned with standard barcodes. The height and number of digits of the barcode will change a little bit, but it will be near the parameters on the manual.

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