What is the future of retailing?

- May 06, 2019-

1. Traditional department stores and traditional offline retail sales will not disappear;

2. the future value of the retail industry: based on the user's life needs, data-driven, omni-channel goods and service providers;

3. consumption upgrades, consumers are more and more savvy, cost-effective has become an important value pursuit point;

4. The things that retailers must do in the future, first occupy the user's mind, secondly control the channel, and thirdly grasp the supply chain. The three are indispensable;

5. All channels are not just one part of retail transformation. The core strategy is the upgrading and construction of two capabilities, commodity management capabilities and customer management capabilities;

6. The omni-channel strategy. The most important thing we define for it now is to get through;

7. Four major functions in three phases of omni-channel, three phases are digitization, segment optimization, and restructuring of business models; four functions, to enhance customer experience and user value, enterprise profitability and resource-rich product content and user value, A new profit model for realizing the value of data and realizing cash flow;

8. Future retail sales must be based on data, data as the soul, and data-oriented formats;

9. the future of the retail format, not the store category planning, brand display, should be a precise combination of personalized goods and services.

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