What is the difference between wide screen and square screen LCD monitor?

- Sep 15, 2020-

1. Different high aspect ratio

1. Widescreen: The width of the screen obviously exceeds the height. 16:9 is the international standard for high-definition television.

2. Square screen: The height of the screen is the same as the width.

Two, the advantages and disadvantages are different

1. Widescreen: In the future, high-definition TVs will mainly use the 16:9 ratio, so more and more LCD monitors adopt the widescreen ratio. The ratio of the widescreen is closer to the golden ratio, and it is more suitable for human eyes.

2. Square screen: It is not suitable for human eyes. The TV programs received are all in this 4:3 ratio.

Three, different production methods

1. Widescreen: The main change in production is to change the cutting ratio, which not only does not increase the cost, but effectively reduces the cost due to the reduction of the actual area of the LCD panel.

2. Square screen: The price is lower, in order to adapt to the consumption ability and usage habits of different groups of people.

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