What is the difference between the 300dpi and 200dpi of barcode printer

- May 21, 2018-

What is the difference between the 300dpi and 200dpi of barcode printer barcode printer

   Pdi is the barcode printer's printing accuracy is calculated by the pixel, points per inch. 300 dpi is 300 dots per inch (11.8 dots/mm), and 600 dpi is 600 dots per inch (23.6 dots/mm).


   The higher the dpi value, the finer the effect of the printout. 200dpi (dot) means that each point of the printout is 1/200 inch or 200 dots per inch. The lower the DPI value, the lower the print effect.


   Comparing the printing effect of all bar code printers, 600 dpi is clearer than 300/200 dpi. And 300dpi is clearer than 200dpi. That is: 600 (609) dpi> 300 (305) dpi> 200 (203) dpi.


   The actual difference between the two is: the resolution of the dpi printer is different, the higher the number of points, the finer the printing effect, and the price will be slightly higher. Please chose the barcode printer according to the actual needs. If you do not know how to choose the dpi when choosing a barcode printer, you can consult us.

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