What is the difference between smart pos and traditional pos?

- Jun 03, 2020-

Smart POS is based on the traditional POS and adds a smart platform and 3G communication, which is the same as the difference between a smart phone and a traditional mobile phone. But what are the differences between these two points that will bring changes to the smart pos?

Friends often ask us: "The difference between smart pos and traditional pos is more online payment. Internet transfer and mobile WeChat online payment are already very popular. Why do so many people still develop smart pos?"

For such questions, our answer is: First, smart POS payment, network transfer payment, WeChat payment, etc. are all a form of online payment. There are always some who are unwilling or unable to pay via network transfer or WeChat for a while, but require swiping cards to pay for online transactions. The needs of these people or scenarios are the target audience of smart POS. Secondly, the emergence of smart POS has greatly increased the use of swiping payment (regardless of space or business scope), and smart POS is compatible with any one-dimensional, two-dimensional code including WeChat or even light wave and sonic payment. Where the positive meaning is.

Differences between traditional POS and smart POS

The main function of the traditional POS is cash register. At first, it was to meet some of the customer's needs. More often, it only exists as a payment tool. Then for merchants, many functional requirements cannot be realized. Merchants are worried about how to let consumers quickly and intuitively understand their products, how to increase repeat customers, and how to save time and effort in making accounts. However, the simplest economical and quick way is to use an intelligent POS machine.

The advantages of smart POS, he integrates business management, marketing management, omni-channel payment methods, various banks, and third-party payment companies into one application platform model. In addition to solving the most traditional payment and cash register functions, it is improving the user experience , Improve operational efficiency, solve financial difficulties, maintain customer relationships and provide corresponding solutions.

In short, the world is always changed by new things. We are waiting to see how the 5G era will bring new POS products.

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