What is the difference between a scanner used in supermarkets and an industrial scanner?

- Sep 27, 2018-

A recent market survey conducted by our Radium Scanner manufacturer on some users and customers in the market showed that "what do you think is the difference between a scanner and all the scanners are the same". According to your survey, 70% of the people think that the scanner are the same, and It's all said that scanner are not scanner. How can there be so many differences? In fact, this is not the case. Scanner and functions will vary depending on the scene. Here, the radium minor woven to pick out the industrial scanner and supermarket use of the scanner to give you a brief introduction to the differences between the two.

The first point is that the scanning performance of industrial scanner is different.

Industrial scanners are used in complex environments, sometimes outdoors, sometimes remote, and sometimes with barcodes that scan densely and accurately. The bar code commonly used in supermarkets is EAN_13 code. The bar code quality is very, very easy to scan.

Second point: IP level of industrial scanner is different.

The IP grade is one of the electrical products' safety performance, or the shell protection level. Scanner can prevent the invasion of external solids or liquids, will not produce short circuit and fire, thus causing accidents. Think about the industrial environment and supermarket environment, the industrial environment is worse than the Shang Chao environment, so industrial scanner usually have an industrial grade evaluation to determine the stability and reliability of the scanner, after all, no one wants to buy a scanner failure all day.

Third point: the price of industrial scanner is different.

This is also a matter of concern to many buyers. Because the industrial scanner is used in a poor environment, so its requirements are anti-fall, dustproof and waterproof, so the price of this kind of scanner will be relatively higher. And the supermarket uses the scanner, although the IP grade also has the request, but compared with the industrial grade is lower, the supermarket uses generally in some fixed positions, the user will not fall, water and other damage work, so the supermarket uses the scanner price is also cheaper.

Through our analysis, do we know more about scanner? Generally speaking, the industrial scanner is aimed at the scanner environment is relatively bad scene, supermarket scanner is aimed at the environment is better scene.

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