What is the difference between a handheld terminal and a PDA?

- Aug 11, 2020-

The full English name of PDA is Personal Digital Assistant, also known as handheld computer bai, which can help us complete work, study, entertainment, etc. on the move. Classified by use, it is divided into industrial grade PDA and consumer PDA.

The handheld terminal refers to a portable data processing terminal with the following characteristics: 

  1. Has an operating system. Such as Android, WINDOWS, LINUX, etc.;

  2. Memory, CPU, graphics card, etc.;

  3. Screen and keyboard;

  4. Data transmission processing capability;

  5. It has its own battery and can be used for mobile use. Generally speaking, handheld terminals are divided into industrial-grade handheld terminals and consumer handheld terminals. Industrial-grade handheld terminals are better than consumer-grade in performance, stability, and battery durability.

  6. strictly speaking, PDA also includes those used by individual consumers, while handheld terminals are mainly used in commercial and industrial fields.

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