What is PSAM card?

- Mar 02, 2018-

What is PSAM card?


PSAM card, terminal security control module, conforming to "China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC card) PSAM card specification", including ordinary PSAM card and high-speed PSAM card.


PSAM card has the following features:

1.Support one card and many applications, each application is independent of each other (multi application, firewall function).

2. Support a variety of file types including binary files, fixed long record files, long record files, circular files, and wallet files.

3. Support a variety of security access methods and permissions (authentication and password protection).

4. Support the Single DES and Triple DES algorithms approved by the people's Bank of China.

5. Contact interface conforms to the PPS protocol and supports a variety of rate selection.

6. Support a variety of capacity options Select 2K, 8K bytes of EEPROM space.

7. PSAM card is embedded in all kinds of terminal equipment to provide IC card level security protection.

In addition to the function of the user card, PSAM has the function of computing. PSAM added a computational key.

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