What is product barcode

- May 07, 2018-

What is a product barcode?


The product barcode is a special symbol that converts a numeric code representing product information into a set of regularly arranged parallel lines. In 1970, the American grocery industry took the lead in using this bar code on food packaging carriers and expanded it to use worldwide. Product barcodes are "identification cards" for products and are the "common language" for the circulation of goods in the international market.

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Why use barcodes on products?


In recent years, many cities in China have documented that all non-bar coded goods may not enter supermarkets. Product barcodes are the foundation for commercial modernization and are the entry points for commodities entering supermarkets and POS scanning shops. In the scanning shop, when the customer purchases the goods and pays in front of the cashier, the cashier simply enters the product with the bar code on the platform equipped with a laser scanner and quickly enters the number under the bar code into the computer. , Through the query and data processing, the machine can immediately identify the product manufacturer, name, price and other product information and print out the shopping list. In this way, not only automated management of sales, warehousing and ordering can be realized, but also production information can be made available to the manufacturer in a timely manner through the production, supply, and sales information systems.


How to use product barcode?


Product barcodes are generally printed on commodity packaging, or they are attached to commodity labels as bar codes. For small batches, barcodes can also be printed on stickers.

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