What is Android POS integrated computer?

- Sep 20, 2018-

The Android POS is relative to the non-financial POS/cash register/cash register used in the business and catering industries. Now the POS / Cashier / Cashier is a display + host + other accessories (such as keyboard + Display + printer + money box +...) POS integrates the display with the main box, thus saving the space occupied by the main box. Nowadays, there are many hardware and software manufacturers, mainly Windows operating system, and software manufacturers and hardware manufacturers are basically separated from each other. Terminal customers often have to find software factories, but also look for hardware manufacturers. And the Android POS machine refers to its operating system is developed by Google's Android operating system, and is the current commercial cash register with the corresponding windows. The advantage of Android POS is that it has tremendous advantages in stand-alone costs, mobility, touch screens, and integration with network applications.

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