What if the barcode scanner can't s can the barcode

- Apr 18, 2018-

What if the barcode scanner can't s can the barcode?


   Barcode scanners are one of the common accessories for cash registers. They are commonly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and tobacco hotels. It is very convenient to read the product name and price by scanning the barcode above the product, which is favored by the supermarket industry. If the barcode scanner can not scan code, how to deal with it?

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   First of all, confirm whether the barcode scanner emits a sound when scanning, that is, if there is a dripsound when scanning the barcode.


 If there is no "drip" sound. Just do the following:


   (1) Whether the barcode scanner is operated incorrectly, the scanning distance is too close or too far from the barcode.


   (2) The scanned bar code system is not turned on in the barcode scanner.


           (3) The barcode itself is unclear, damaged, or distorted.



   If there is a "drop" sound, then do the following:



        (1) Check if there is a problem with the data cable. Try another data line.


  (2) Whether the barcode scanne is a serial scanner, serial port barcode scanner needs to be tested in the Hyper Terminal.


  (3) Whether the Hyper Terminal port, baud rate are set correctly.

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