What factors affect the price of Pos Terminal

- Jun 14, 2019-

 The Touch All in one machine is mainly composed of three parts: LCD screen, touch screen and computer mainframe. Therefore, the factors affecting the price are also appearing at these three key points.


First, Lcd display


      In the market, the largest LCD screen is used to make the LCD screen. The mature LED LCD technology is mainly imported products, mainly ,Sharp, LG,Samsung. Carav Electronics, Touch pos terminal adopts LCD screens such as Sharp etc, has stable performance.


Second, touch display


      The touch screen is mainly divided into infrared touch screen, capacitive touch screen, a resistive touch screen, a sound wave touch screen and the like.


      At present, the mainstream of the market is Capacitive touch screen, because of its high cost performance, mature technology, it is used more and more.


Third, PC  host


      The host is divided into CPU, memory, hard disk, and motherboard.


      Just a CPU, the Core I3 and Core I5 price difference is hundreds of thousands, this is just the difference between the same brand, if you use some unknown brands or second hand, then the price will be even greater. The same quality, stability and other aspects are also different. Therefore, the performance of the main unit of the touch one is very important.

  Carav Electronics, The CPU we use is Intel brand, New, original, with J1900,I3/I5/I7 available.

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