What difference between in TN screen and IPS screen

- Aug 02, 2019-

The difference between N screen and IPS screen:

(1) TN screen:

The main advantage in the LCD era is that the cost is lower, but the smaller the viewing angle is not so good from the side.

(2) IPS screen:

1. When consumers enjoy high-speed motion pictures for a long time, the IPS hard screen can ensure clear, smooth and real effects, and the eye irritation is significantly reduced, which fully meets the health demands.

2, the viewing angle is large.

3, the color is true and accurate

4. Low power consumption.

5, the price is more expensive than the TN screen.

And for the Panel : 

1. TN panel:

The full name Twisted Nematic panel is a type of display screen. Due to its low production cost, TN has become the most widely used entry-level LCD panel and is widely used in mainstream low-end and mid-range LCDs.

The TN panel is mostly a modified TN+film, film is a compensation film, which is used to make up for the lack of viewing angle of the TN panel. The improved TN panel has a viewing angle of 160°. Of course, this is a manufacturer with a contrast ratio of 10:1. In the case of the measured limit value, the image actually appears distorted or even color cast when the contrast drops to 100:1.

2. IPS panel:

IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology is a new generation of liquid crystal panel technology released by Hitachi, Ltd. in 1995. It entered the stage of practical mass production in 1996. After continuous technological innovation, it has undergone Super-IPS, Advanced-Super IPS, and launched the latest generation IPS-Pro LCD panel technology in 2004.

The advantages of the IPS panel are high viewing angle, fast response, and accurate color reproduction. It is a high-end product in the LCD panel. And compared to the PVA panel, the LCD TV with IPS screen can achieve 780 lines of dynamic resolution. In terms of static definition, HD can still be achieved according to the 720-line HD standard.

The panel technology enhances the dynamic display effect of the LCD TV, and can obtain better picture quality when watching sports programs such as sports events and action movies. Compared with other types of panels, the IPS panel is not easy to appear water-like deformation by hand, so it has a hard screen. When you look at the screen carefully, if you see a fish-scale pixel that is oriented to the left, plus a hard screen, you can be sure that it is an IPS panel.

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