What can we do if the pos terminal is automatically restarted

- Apr 20, 2018-

What can we do if the pos terminal is automatically restarted?


The frequent occurrence of automatic restart of the system of pos terminal is a great influence on the operation of the store. What causes the cash register to automatically restart?


    Software incompatibility

    If software or driver incompatibility causes the pos terminal to restart automatically, further troubleshooting is required. This troubleshooting work must have some basic knowledge of the computer, and the cashier should also remember what changes have been made to the pos terminal recently, and what software or drivers have recently been added.



    Trojan horse virus

    The Trojan horse virus can cause many strange problems in the pos terminal. The automatic restart of the cash register is no exception. For this reason, we recommend using anti-virus software to kill and remove Trojan viruses.



    Hardware problem

The problem of the automatic restart of the pos machine is not ruled out due to hardware. In this case, professional technicians are required to detect the problem. We recommend sending to relevant pos terminal manufacturers for repairing.

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