What can We do if Pos Scanner Doesnot Scan the Code

- Jan 18, 2019-


    First, confirm whether the cash register scanner emits a sound when scanning, that is, if the barcode is correct, there will be a "drop" sound, if there is no "drop" sound. Just do the following

    (1) Whether the scanner is not operating correctly, the scanning distance is too close or too far from the barcode.

    (2) The scanned bar code system is not turned on in the scanner.

    (3) The barcode itself has problems, such as unclearness, damage, and printing distortion.

    Our New Bar code Scanner BS-127, BS-227 have stroner identification bility, can identify special bar code such as wrinkle , deformation , water coagulation , dirt , etc . , reduce the probability of manual input of bar code.

barcode scanner gun

    If there is a "drip" sound, then do the following.

    (1) Check if there is a problem with the data line. Try changing a data cable.

    (2) Whether the scanner is a serial scanner, the serial scanner needs to be tested in the HyperTerminal.

    (3) Whether the port, baud rate, etc. of the HyperTerminal are set correctly.

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