What benefits do we bring to the industrial age?

- Apr 29, 2019-

As our living standards continue to improve, people's tools for living and using are constantly improving. Let's discuss with you the following, what are the differences and breakthroughs in our commonly used industrial displays.

1. The basic structure of a liquid crystal industrial display device is a thin box made of two glass substrates. This structure is most useful as a display window, and it can accommodate a maximum amount of display content on a limited area, and the display content is most utilized. In addition, the structure can be made not only small, such as the display window used in the camera, but also can be made large, and the structure and the physical examination are improved.

2. The industrial display device has no shadow mask limitation, so the pixel can be made smaller and finer; compared with the plasma display, the industrial display device does not need to have a certain pixel isolation between the pixel points as the plasma display. Area. Therefore, the liquid crystal display can accommodate more pixels and display more information within the same size display window area. This is very beneficial for the production of high-definition televisions and notebook computers, and displays a large amount of information.

3. Industrial liquid crystal materials are organic polymer synthetic materials. It is of extremely high purity and other materials are also highly pure and manufactured under extremely clean conditions. The driving voltage of the liquid crystal is very low, and the driving current is extremely small, so that the deterioration of such a device is scarce. From the actual application examination, in general use, in addition to impact, broken or damaged parts, the liquid crystal display device itself has almost no end of life, you can use it with confidence, do not worry about aging.

In the development of the industrial era, the excellent characteristics of industrial displays determine its position in various display devices, and also reflects the progress of our country in the industrial age.

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