What barcode scanner can identify broken barcodes

- Jul 09, 2019-

     In many application scenarios involving bar codes, some damaged barcodes often appear, especially in the logistics industry. Due to the unique natural environment of transportation, there are often damaged barcodes, so what type of scanners are available in the market? Can it read the damaged barcode? This is a question that many users in the express delivery industry want to ask. Our Model BS-228 can help you to get the answer.


What type barcode Reader can identify broken barcodes

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BS-288 has superior recognition ability, not only can recognize barcodes of various colors and various sizes, but also can scan barcodes on electronic screens such as mobile phones and iPads, and the biggest highlight of this scanning platform is The reason I recommend it to everyone today - the ability to scan the worn-out bar code, the scanning speed is very fast. It can be seen that this is very suitable for the express delivery industry.

  Also it can can identify special bar code such as wrinkle , deformation , water coagulation , dirt , etc . , reduce the probability of manual input of bar code.


Two highlights are the barcode that can be damaged by the scanner, and the second is the ability to scan the electronic screen code. Therefore, it is not only applicable to the logistics industry, but also applies to the cashiers of various offline stores such as chain convenience stores.

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