What aspects should be considered when using the Intelligent Cashier?

- Nov 26, 2018-

First, of course, the safety and reliability of the Intelligent Cashier. Departmental managers of shopping malls can provide authority through the Intelligent Cashier-in-One System, and open to different managers according to actual needs, so as to ensure the safety of the system and safeguard the interests of enterprises. So different employee login system sees different function lists and accesses different data. Of course, a complete and reliable backup and emergency disaster recovery scheme for the Intelligent Cashier, a monitoring module and a correction module for error data, and a perfect system test ensure that the Intelligent Cashier will not fail while working.

Secondly, the service life of the Intelligent Cashier. Supermarket operators pay special attention to management, so the intelligent cash register needs to achieve flexible and expanded reporting system, optional data analysis module, including a variety of inventory operation modes, intelligent cash register can be the most convenient, fast, accurate and complete data cleaning flow according to different situations. To ensure the long-term smooth operation of the system.

Finally, the data security management of Intelligent Cashier System. In order to ensure the security of system data, the Intelligent Cashier Integration Software provides a set of prudent operation authority management mechanism. Intelligent cash register integrates operator, user name, authority group and so on to form system operation authority. Through this mechanism, operator authority can be limited to a certain function of a certain department or cabinet group. In this way, the Intelligent Cashier can not only prevent the intrusion of illegal external users, but also prevent the data damage and data leakage caused by the incorrect operation of system data by legitimate internal users.

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