What areas can the touch all-in-one be used for?

- Jan 02, 2020-

1. TV function: ALL-FHD system full HD solution, support 1920 * 1080, 32-bit true color full HD display

2. Computer function: Internet access can be performed at distances of 5, 10, 20, and 30 meters. You can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse for wireless Internet access.

3. Touch function: equipped with the world's most advanced multi-point infrared touch screen

, Touch without delay, sensitive response, all controls are completed on the screen surface, any object touch, including finger and pen click on the touch screen, control all applications, easily implement handwritten text, drawing, annotation and other functions, smooth and stable and reliable use.

4. Karaoke function: With KTV karaoke function, click to sing, convenient for entertainment.

5, video game function: can be a video game, directly from the touch screen

Instead of using the mouse to operate touch games such as Warcraft, Google Earth, w7 games. It can also be connected to handles, steering wheels, joysticks, and dancing blankets for video games such as racing, shooting, landlords, World of Warcraft, Fantasy Westward Journey, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, etc.

6, conference function: can do conference lectures, planning solutions, remote video conference, plug-and-play electronic documents, no need for projectors, projection screens, computers, slide show stands, DVD players and other redundant equipment.

7, environmental protection whiteboard function: write casually, draw casually, no need to erase, and environmental protection. You can use your pen to write with your hand, delete it casually, and save or record.

8, projector function: "touch the horizon" large screen can replace the projector, play a large screen display file, and the image is more clear.

9, shopping guide function: with shopping guide, guide function, to give customers guidance to facilitate customers to find the products they need, with additional functions such as advertising

10. Electronic inquiry function: Through the operator's input and editing of various electronic files and information, customers can self-inquire the required information and reduce the personnel cost of inquiry.

11. Video surveillance function: It can monitor the security of the surveillance area, randomly call out the live video of each area for data analysis.

12, picture-in-picture function: you can watch TV news while watching serials, Internet and TV synchronization, games and karaoke synchronization

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