What are the transmission methods of barcode scanners

- Jul 16, 2019-

The scanning mode of the barcode scanner can be divided into a wired type and a wireless type.


As the name suggests, wired scanners transmit data to a computer or POS via a data cable.


Wireless scanner, also known as a cordless scanner. Typically, data is transmitted over Bluetooth, wifi, etc., and data can be transmitted without being limited by the length of the data line.


In terms of price selection, the wireless scanner will be a little higher than the wired model.


Wireless receiver,which is a product that converts a wired scanner into a wireless scanner.


Wireless barcode reader are divided into high-end and low-end products. The price depends mainly on the type of scanned barcode (one or two dimensions), followed by the accuracy. For example, if you need to scan a small barcode, the scanner's decoding ability is very high. The price is also more.

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