What are the Thermal Receipt Printer

- May 21, 2019-

  First. Dot matrix impact printer: The pin-type micro-printer is a relatively common micro-printer. It is very useful in the domestic production of Epson print heads (printer cores). The advantage of needle punching is that the printed documents can be stored for a long time. Of course, the ink on the ribbon you buy must be of good quality, so the micro-spins used in many convenience stores are needle-punched, and because of the needle-type printhead control. Simple, it can be produced with a cheaper control panel solution, so it is cheaper. However, there are many disadvantages in the needle punching: the noise is high, the printing speed is slow, the print head is fast, and the ribbon needs to be replaced frequently. Because of the principle, these are insurmountable.


  Second, thermal receipt printer: the pin-type receipt printer is also a relatively common printer, but it is later than the pin-type micro-printer. Thermal printers print fast, have low noise, have little mechanical wear on the printheads, and do not require ribbons, eliminating the need to replace ribbons. However, it also has disadvantages because it uses thermal paper, so it cannot be stored indefinitely. It can be stored for one to five years in the dark, and long-lasting thermal paper can be stored for ten years.


  Third, portable thermal receipt printer: also known as portable pos printer, mobile receipt printer is now mostly used Bluetooth data communication technology, compared to the earlier adoption of IrDA technology, its data transmission distance is far, non-directional, smaller than desktop micro-printer It is battery powered and can be carried around.

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