What are the printers classified by use?

- Jan 25, 2019-

1. General Printer for Office and Transaction:

Laser and inkjet printers have been dominant in this application area.

2. Commercial Printers:

Commercial printer refers to the printer for commercial printing. Because of the high quality of printing in this field, and sometimes processing documents with rich graphics and texts, high resolution laser printer is generally used.

3. Printers for Special Purpose:

Special printers generally refer to printers used in special systems such as micro printers, passbook printers, push bill printers, bar code printers, thermal printers, card printers and RFID printers.

4. Household printers:

Home printer refers to the printer that comes into the home with the home computer. According to the characteristics of home printer, low-grade color inkjet printer has gradually become the mainstream product.

5. Portable Printer (Mobile Printer):

Portable printers are generally used for portable use, with small size, light weight, battery-driven, easy to carry and other characteristics.

6. Network Printer:

Network printer is used in network system to provide printing service for most people. Therefore, it is required that this printer has the characteristics of fast printing speed, automatic switching of simulation mode and network protocol, and easy for network administrator to manage.

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