What are the precautions when using a touchscreen display?

- Feb 25, 2019-


  1. Capacitive touch screen, our capacitive display has installed the driver, no need to arrange the driver.

  2. 4 wire/5 wire resistive touch screen, if you find that the cursor does not move or can only move in a local area, you can check whether the touch area of the touch screen is pressed by other touch objects. For example, once the touch screen is pressed by the display case or the cabinet shell, it is equivalent to a certain The points are always touched, so the coordinate position fed back to the controller will be inaccurate and the cursor will not be correctly positioned. If the case is pressed against the touch area, you can adjust the distance between the case and the monitor screen to a larger value. If the display case is pressed against the touch area, you can try loosening the screws of the display case slightly.

  3. In order to ensure the normal operation of the touch screen system, in addition to ensuring the correct installation of the system software, you must also remember not to install two or more touch screen drivers on a host, which will easily lead to system operation. A conflict occurs that prevents the touch screen system from functioning properly.

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