What are the general features of barcode printers

- Jun 15, 2018-

What are the general features of barcode printers?


First of all, we must understand what is a bar code printer, and what are the types of bar code printers?


In the official sense, bar code printers are special printers. The printed contents of the bar code printers are generally brand identification, serial number identification, packaging identification, bar code identification, envelope labeling, and apparel tag.


The biggest difference between bar code printers and ordinary printers is that the bar code printer prints on a heat-based basis and uses the ribbon as the printing medium (or direct thermal paper) to complete the printing. This printing method has the greatest advantage over the ordinary printing method is that it allows continuous high-speed printing without being managed.


The most important part of the bar code printer is the print head. The print head is composed of a thermistor. The process of printing is the process by which the thermistor heat transfers the toner on the carbon ribbon to the paper. Therefore, when purchasing a bar code printer, the print head is a component that deserves special attention. The cooperation between printing head and the ribbon is the soul of the entire printing process.


In the current domestic market, common printers have two different types of print heads because of brand differences. One is a flat pressure print head, and the entire print head is pressed onto a ribbon. This type of print head can be adapted to various ribbons and have a wide user base. This print head is the most common, widely used in various brands of bar code printers. The other is a floating print head, which is a new type of print head mode, just the top of the print haed pressure in the ribbons, although this type of printhead has a relatively high demand for carbon ribbons, it has the function of saving carbon ribbons, so it is widely used by large companies with strong technical force.

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