What are the consequences of using an all-in-one with a resistive screen?

- May 21, 2019-

At present, many touch-in-one machines still use infrared screens. But we know that touch screens are not only infrared screens, but also resistive screens and so on. So why is the use of resistance screens not very extensive at present?

A resistive touch screen is actually a sensor that converts the physical position of the touch point (X, Y) in a rectangular area into a voltage representing the X and Y coordinates. Many LCD modules use resistive touch screens, which can generate screen bias voltage by four, five, seven or eight lines. When touching, the ITO of the lower layer of the film will touch the ITO of the upper layer of the glass. The corresponding electrical signals will be sent to the processor through the sensor, and then be converted into X and Y values on the screen by operation. The action of clicking will be completed and displayed on the screen.

The advantage of resistive touch screen is that its screen and control system are relatively cheap, and the response sensitivity is very good. And whether it is four-wire resistive touch screen or five-wire resistive touch screen, they are a completely isolated working environment, not afraid of dust and water vapor, and can adapt to various harsh environments. It can be touched by any object with good stability. The disadvantage is that the outer film of the resistance touch screen is easily scratched, which makes the touch screen unavailable. The multi-layer structure will lead to a great loss of light. For handheld devices, backlight is usually needed to compensate for the problem of poor transmittance, but this will also increase the consumption of batteries.

Therefore, if you want to choose large-scale touch-in-one machine, advertising-in-one machine, touch-in-one machine, infrared screen, capacitive screen, it is best to choose infrared screen-based touch-in-one machine. At present, the infrared touch-in-one machine occupies a large market share, and it is also convenient for the follow-up technical maintenance and management. If you need it, you may contact Sijie to gather.

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