What are the computer mainframe components?

- Feb 07, 2019-

What are the computer mainframe components?


English mainboard, all other components in the mainframe are installed on the motherboard. The motherboard chipset is the heart that controls the exchange of data. The motherboard is generally a rectangular circuit board with the main circuit system that constitutes the computer. Generally, there are BIOS chip, I/O control chip, keyboard and panel control switch interface, indicator connector, expansion slot, motherboard and card. DC power supply connector and other components. Another feature of the motherboard is the use of an open architecture. There are 6-8 expansion slots on the motherboard for the control card (adapter) of the PC peripheral device. By replacing these cards, the corresponding subsystems of the microcomputer can be locally upgraded, allowing manufacturers and users to have more flexibility in configuring the models. 


The CPU is an abbreviation of Central Process Unit, which can be referred to as a microprocessor for short. (Microprocessor), but it is often referred to directly as a processor. The CPU is the core of a computer, and its importance is like that of a human being, because it is responsible for processing and computing all the data inside the computer. At present, the performance parameters of the CPU are divided by the architecture, mainly refer to the core number, front side bus (abbreviation FSB, unit MHZ), frequency (unit Ghz), number of buffers, main frequency (MHZ), multiplier.


Memory is a component used to store programs and data. For computers, memory is available for memory to ensure proper operation. There are many types of memory, which can be divided into main memory and auxiliary memory according to their use. Main memory is also called internal memory (referred to as memory, Hong Kong station called memory), main memory English name: memory. The memory performance parameter has a frequency (MHZ).

Hard disk: 

Hard disk (called hard disk in Hong Kong and Taiwan) is one of the main storage media of a computer. It consists of one or more discs made of aluminum or glass. These discs are covered with a ferromagnetic material. Most hard drives are fixed hard drives that are permanently sealed to the hard drive to store data. Performance parameters: capacity (GB), speed (in rpm), average access time (ms), transmission rate (MB/S), cache (M).

Graphics card: 

Graphics card (known as the graphics card in Hong Kong and Taiwan) as an important part of the computer host, undertake the task of outputting graphics, for those who like to play games and engage in professional graphic design is very important. At present, civilian graphics card chip suppliers mainly include ATi (now ATI has been acquired by AMD) and Nvidia. Performance parameters: core GPU, video memory (divided into capacity and frequency)


The connection between the computer and the LAN is to insert a network interface board into the main box (or insert a PCMCIA card into the notebook). The network interface board is also known as the communication adapter or network adapter or network interface card NIC (Network Interface Card) but now more people are willing to use the simpler name "network card". Divided into unlimited network cards and general network cards.

DVD drive: 

A DVD drive is a device that reads a DVD disc and is also compatible with a CD format.

Sound card: The place where the sound is processed is generally more integrated.

Power supply: AC and DC conversion is performed, and the standard voltage is output to each component.

Chassis: The place where the complete set of equipment is installed.

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