What are the classifications of QR code scanners

- Jul 23, 2018-

What are the classifications of QR code scanners?


The QR code scanner is an instrument for scanning two-dimensional barcodes. The most common two-dimensional barcode scanners in the current industrial and commercial fields can be classified into the following three types.


1. Fixed two-dimensional scanning platform:

The platform type non-handheld scanner is placed on the table or fixed in the terminal device for quick scanning. Various types of barcode printing or printing QR code and mobile phone screen QR code can be identified, so it is widely used in electronic ticketing, supermarket cashier, production and logistics, mobile phone QR code boarding and other fields;


2, handheld QR code scanner:

That is, the QR code scanner, which can easily scan various types of QR codes such as PDF417 and QR code, and is commonly connected with PC through USB interface; it is widely used in supermarkets, warehousing, logistics, production lines and other fields;


3, portable two-dimensional code collector:

The wireless mobile QR code mobile scanning terminal integrates many leading functions, and is both rugged and ergonomically designed to read all QR codes at high speed. It is suitable for large-scale use in supermarkets and industrial production industries. It can be widely used in commercial POS systems, factory bar code detection, quality inspection, warehouse management, bar code application programs, production process management and other fields.

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